What Is The Best Ooni Pizza Ovens To Buy?

People are staying at home more and spending more time enjoying themselves in their yards, which has increasing supply for pizza ovens. Ooni has established itself as a market leader among novice pizzaiolos, with many of the company’s gleaming pizza ovens selling out for weeks on end this year. Whether you’re looking for a transportable pizza oven from this well-known company and are fortunate enough to find one in inventory, it’s simple to become overwhelmed by the diversity of varieties, pricing, and cooking experiences available.

We tested a variety of Ooni’s pizza ovens to determine the ones that provide a fantastic customer experience and produce delicious pizzas. Keep reading to know about the several Ooni pizza ovens offered, as well as our evaluations of each version.

Best Ooni Pizza Ovens

£229 Ooni Fyra

The Ooni Fyra is the predecessor to the extremely popular Ooni 3. It is indeed Ooni’s lowest pizza oven (by a long shot) and runs on hardwood granules to give your pizza an additional wood-fired aroma. The retractable chimney is used to exhaust the smoke that causes the oven to flame extremely hot, allowing pizza to be cooked in as short as 1 minutes.

What You Should Know

The pellet hopper in the rear delivers hardwood granules into the burner continuously, minimizing emissions and the necessity for you to fiddle with the fuel while it’s in operation. Wood pellets, with exception of gas, charcoal, and actual wood, must be acquired on the internet and are not easily accessible in stores. They aren’t supplied with the oven either. Maintaining the thermostat in a wood-fired oven requires more expertise than some other types of pizza ovens.

£249, Ooni Koda

The Ooni Koda, Ooni’s gas-fired pizza oven, is undoubtedly the finest efficient of the company’s pizza ovens. The thermostat adjustment knob on the rear is constant and simple, and it also has a built-in igniting, so there ‘s no necessity to fuss with sparks.

What You Should Know

This really is the world’s thinnest Ooni pizza oven, and because it doesn’t have a chimney, it occupies less space while transporting. Pizzas up to 40cm (only about 15in) in circumference can be cooked in the Koda 16, a bigger version of this gas-powered pizza oven. This version can cook pizzas with a diameter of 30cm (a little under 12in). A propane gas tank valve and a 1.2-metre line are provided, and they are appropriate with larger propane tanks that you may already have on hand for your BBQ.

£249 Ooni Karu

The Ooni Karu is among Ooni’s most flexible pizza ovens, providing you with a wide range of energy and cooking choices. Whether you’re strapped for time, you could purchase the gas-burner adapter individually (£64.99) and warm it up with propane-fueled fire.

What You Should Know

With this type, the door must remain shut while cooking, and you’ll need to rotate your pizza to see how near it is to be done. The pizza pan is 15millimeters wide, and that’s larger than that of the other Ooni pizza rocks. It will increase the time it takes for the oven to achieve cooking temperatures, but it would assist in crisping up the foundation. That’s the largest of the Ooni pizza ovens, weighing in at 12kg, but the chimney could be removed and a carrying bag (£39.99) purchased for easy transport.

Are Ooni Pizza Ovens a Good Investment?

Is it really worth it? Yeah, when you ‘re a pizza fanatic. Clients’ Ooni pizza ovens produce classic, tasty pizzas, as seen by their outcomes. They’re less costly than most other at-home pizza ovens, and they come in a variety of sizes. Ooni pizza ovens may also be used to prepare other BBQ meals, making it an all-in-one solution based on your requirements and tastes. All goods come with a 3-year Ooni guarantee.

The universe is your oyster when you have a pizza oven as flexible as Ooni! Beef or veggies are two of my favourite things to try in the pizza oven. Veggies can obtain a delightful sear that reminds you of a barbecue, particularly when you use hardwood kindling or charcoal. The pizza oven could open up an entire new universe of aromas for meats like beef. Always place the portion of the slice with the most fat toward the fire. The fatty will burn in this manner, eventually crispy texture up like pork crisp.

You may also make pizza with a range of breads, fish, lamb, chicken, as well as other ingredients. Just keep a close eye on the temperature. 950’F is far too warm for most foods to cook without scorching them.

We hope you find this post helpful in planning your Ooni buying trip. Most significantly, it will assist you in determining what Ooni pizza oven is the greatest fit for you!

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